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What do the beneficiaries of Government schemes make of them? How do they view and engage with these schemes?

Dr. Chitra Krishnan reflects on five different rural development schemes as experienced and written by two villagers from a semi-arid region of Southern Karnataka. What is the actual nature of involvement of beneficiaries? What are the spaces for their engagement with the schemes? What is the outcome of such involvement . How far do other actors influence these outcomes.

In discussing these aspects, Dr Krishnan examines the theme of collective action, when it is needed, when it seems counterproductive and what can be expected out of such action.

State & Drought

by Dr. Chitra Krishnan with her farmer colleagues - J Geetha and YR Yatish. http://www.kicsforum.net/kics/State-Drought.pdf


Foreword by M. S. Sriram

1. Canal Irrigation :Bridging the Last Mile

2. About Anganwadis:A mother’s learning curve

3. MGNREGS : Panchayat-Centred or People-Centred?

4. Rural Sanitation: Scrap pages from a Toilet-journal

5. Rural Water Supply: From Abundance to Scarcity

6. Conclusions


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