EXPLORING A NEW ECONOMICS A Sharing Session with Rajni Bakshi

Rajni Bakshi is an activist and a journalist, and her search for alternatives has taken her from Lokayan to a path-breaking book - Bazaars, Conversations and Freedom which now makes her a writer and pioneer-thinker as well. She shares this journey which took her to re she took her to a wide variety of pioneers and challengers -- some working at the heart of the mainstream and others raising challenges from the fringes.

A friend called her a story teller – that is what she will do, while sharing information and perspectives, which might assist some of us, civil society organizations to navigate this terrain and sift the substance from the empty rhetoric.

For details of her book please see: www.bazaarsconversationsfreedom.com. She is also author to two CED publications: Economics for Well Being and LETS make it happen.
Some of her recent columns in rediff.com include
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